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Whether you own a Sears or Genie garage door opener, you can have it serviced by our great company. Maybe, you’re in the market to change to a new opener. Or, perhaps your current opener is breaking down and a replacement is imminent. There are hundreds of garage door openers in Isla Vista to choose from. You don’t have to settle for anything you don’t like. Isla Vista, where most college students reside, is part of Santa Barbara and our company, Garage Door Openers Isla Vista, can handle all types of openers, and can install a new one for you.

  •         Screw Drive Opener Type

Garage Door Openers This type of opener can be purchased under Sears or Genie brand. It is a quiet opener that will eventually use a technology called torsion spring. Although, the Stanley Company is no longer producing garage doors, produced the screw drive units. It has very few moving parts, and is more powerful than the chain drive types. The only drawback with screw drive openers is that you can’t purchase a 10-foot extension kit. Garage door openers in Isla Vista have most of what you need for these types of garage door openers.

  •         Chain Driver Opener Type

Chain drives are noisy. This is because the massive chain that pulls up the door clanks against the metal. They also have a tendency to rust faster, if not oiled regularly. These were the original garage door openers, but they’ve been replaced with quieter counterparts. Nevertheless, most industrial businesses still use them. They are reliable, and last a long time. You can also purchase a chain drive in various sizes. Garage door openers in Isla Vista provide service on chain drives for residential and industrial garage doors. The best thing is that you can purchase 10-foot extensions for them.

  •         Belt Drive Opener Type

These types of opener types are quiet and somewhat new. The belt that assists with opening the door is made of a strong metal. Typically, these are preferred over chain drives because they are so quiet. If your garage is placed beneath a bedroom or living area of your home, it would be best to have a belt drive installed. Garage door openers in Isla Vista can give you great options of belt drives, if you’re looking to change. The thing with belt drives is that there is an 8-foot extension available, but not a 10-foot. That may change eventually, but checking in regularly with your local garage door company can keep you up to date.

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